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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

art is a guarantee of sanity (louise bourgeois)

my parents wall with a painting I made for their 40th wedding anniversary in 2003
I got to my beloved portobello market and found this little book it is resting on my blanket from when I was a baby that my mum let me take back to Ireland
mums seeds
portobello flea market
amy galloway
interesting exhibition where my parents live entitled play
I have been away from my work for what seems ages. the mighty artist louise bourgeois said
and I believe her :)


Shelky Bean said...

Beautiful images Jane, looks like you had a nice time and got a good bit done in England :) Hope all is well xxx

nath said...

are you home now? your parcel will be with you shortly.

that is such a great quote. i am going to write it into my sketchbooks from now on.

much love XXX

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi richael ...yes I did have some interesting times in england but glad to be back now :) thanks for your comment
nath ..yes I am just home which is a miracal I got a bus ferry train and another bus,it took 24 hours !!
glad that you liked the quote , it is a really helpful one ,because life just relentless god and bad) with art we can filter aand focus what it is that is essential to ponder and maintain xox

annamaria potamiti said...

So true- that's what keeps me sane really- art-art-art!
I am glad you made it home even if it was a 24hour thing! What an odd thing to suddenly be restricted from flying...!
Great images- have a lovely day-
Annamaria :)

Laura said...

art is the harvester. all good and all insightful. glad you are home and safe.

Jane O Sullivan said...

aaahhh .....laura and annamaria
thank you so much for your inciteful and uplifting comments bless you both