Friday, December 27, 2013

my visual poem part two

* me looking into a glass dome of stuffed birds in Walter Sickerts painting ennui,but I am not bored , just meditating.
*I climbed into the window of a fascinating derelict house in Chapelizod village, this cat was part of a strange installation of fragments that was uncannily like something I would have put together myself.
*on St Stephens day (yesterday) a dry and bright day, me and my beloved went for a welcome cycle ride after the endless rain and gloom.
Here is a typically inventive Irish solution to the problem of a gap in the wall , fill it with a wreck of a stove , a cauldron and some ugly blocks ....whatever, whom am I to wonder.
*the outstanding highlight of my year was the freedom and inspiration I felt on the trip I made to Berlin with some friends , here am I in the appartment lost in a ** moment **

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