Friday, December 27, 2013

my visual poem part one

* my artists book Holding a Space which I made in June , I have hopes for its journey, it was accepted by jury for the Dublin Art Book Fair , in November at Temple Bar Art Galleries , that felt good.
* my altar with dear Ritvas precious Christmas card to me.
* I am going to use these found porcelaine roses somehow soon 
* my sideboard....... the drawing in the background is by my friend Denise Nestor

as the year draws to an end I pray for the courage to continue making my new work, that has taken me all year to verbalise in a literate format.NOW THAT IS DIFFICULT , it is so slow and seems to be invisable apart from  my few dear friends , this coming year I want my work to fly , fly away a little further , so I can see it from a distance, see it in another way , I want to make the work that is inside of me , whatever the acceptance or reception of it , its time has come and I have to believe this otherwise what else can I do , I can no longer keep it in.

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