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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

today is the new moon ....and all is well

thank you hillery from specks and keepings (so beautiful)

drawing from ayco from osaka japan
my own work slowly slowly........
my new old book against the bleak skies we are getting now

laura deer
oil pastel on glass vintage paper and watercolour

when I was thinking about laura , I remembered this little drawing that I gave to her a long time ago now ....I hope she still loves it :)

....after only just receiving the drawing from laura ,today on the new moon all the way from Japan I got this lovely little watercolour from ayco.

I came across her work on flickr and it makes me feel so happy, she has such a light touch.
Her drawings of deer are exquisite.
That is my most favourite part of being an artist , when you find others of a similar feather :)
special announcement to my lovely readers........
only the river stares back is a brand new short film definately worth looking at , it is by my friend and sometime collaborator Richael.
She is a young emerging artist who lives near by and whom I would be lost without !
Please feel free to give feedback on the film on her comment page, I know that she would love you too.


Shelky Bean said...

what a lovely post Jane, and thank you for giving me props, I appreciate that ! I just managed to send it off there, so fingers and toes crossed :)
The deer and the rose are exquisite, and the piece you sent to laura is lovely, i don't remember seeing it before.
much love to you my lovely friend

Jane O Sullivan said...

you are welcome shelly !
aycos work is super super super !
I made that little piece the glass nd ornament on glass........a long time ago .....laura spied it one day hiding in one of my studio pictures on my blog and so delighted was I that I gave it to her (dote that she is)
good luck with your film missy :)