Monday, October 17, 2011

new works in progress and things I love at the moment

re-constructed dress
modern pennys dress from 2 years ago and 1950's skirt
sorrow growing from the chance reading of a line in jane eyre
work in progress
oil pastel ink acrylic and pen
1950's light which I got for 1 euro at last months carboot sale
my parrot skirt really makes me feel jolly !
this fantastic painting made me smile when I spied it last week in a health care unit which I sometimes get the chance to work in.
franks new drawings
.....thank you *thank you* thank you *frank who also bought universe of fables .
last week was an unprecedented high.

☂☁....its got awful wintery here , to think last week I was cycling around in the sun !
anyway here are some things that make me feel good at the moment ....I need strong vibrant patterns, the more the this dress that I am reconstructing adding in two side pieces from a never worn 1950's skirt , so my new dress will have a fuller skirt.
I love the clash of the patterns together :)
I made a red coat on friday which really makes me smile too and will photograph it later.


holly aka golly said...

I really feel like i can retrace your steps through each day and it is such fun. thanks for the glimpse into your world.

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh holly ....thank you SO much for this message in a bottle , on this horrid horrid day !
You know I love your work especially :)

Stille Linde said...

Hallo Jane, it's been a while since I visited you, and I've spent some time on your flickr, you have a unique voice and your own message and you work very hard. I'm impressed and inspired,

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello barbara ....thank you for this thoughtful and supportive message , it makes me feel very happy that you have taken the time and seen something inspiring because to share ,to communicate and to wonder , all are very important to me x

Erin said...

How cool is that dress you have re-constructed!!
Thank you for sharing :) I hope the weather is better now. x said...

Love this post Jane.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks for your visit erin and elisabeth , glad you enjoyed it :)