Tuesday, November 01, 2011

film stills etc ......

there were some lovely arts and crafts era tiles at the carboot sale a few days ago.

I have been reviewing my work from a while ago .....I made so much when I was at college that I never explored or understood but knew there was something in some of the images so I kept them , I am starting to work out what or where to find that something.
I posted some more stills on my flickr

Its getting wintery.
Tommorow I fly over the sea to England to see my folks there. I am looking forward to the break , the first one on my own in many years.
I am going to two very exciting shows ,which I will let you know about soon soon .
Grayson Perry at the British Museum
Judith Scott at the amazing amazing .......museum of everything


Laura said...

i hope your travels are splendid. exciting!

Jane O Sullivan said...

they were laura ,I am glad of them ....