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Monday, May 09, 2011

would not violets grow from her heart.....YES it has opened and YES it was a dream come true xxx


I hope you enjoy these images , I am going to make a virtual tour video of the show in the next few days so you can see all the actual work !
Funny , it was kinda hard to do that on thursday at my dream opening !!!
ummm.....ummmmm am so happy am so grateful to all you wonderful people that came , many of whom made a lot of effort to get there in person (involving planes etc ) parents and sister were definately guests of honour.
For all the people who couldnt thats cool , we couldnt have fitted you in anyways !!
I am only joking ,your presence was and is felt in many other ways which will sustain me for a very long long time.
love and respect
jane x


Ester Kiely said...

Looks like it was a lovely opening and I'm sorry to have missed it, but I had to attend a meeting in Galway. But I do hope to see it before it closes. Well done, it looks beautiful!

Ritva said...

it all looks lovely- you must have had a perfect day.
i´m so happy for you!