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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

feeling the full moon is right inside me

my dear one Pat ...who gives me so much support mad about that girl :)
Richael also helped me a lot coming up to my solo mio show (love her) She is is making some beautiful work at the moment and is definately an emerging artist to watch. Go Shelly Go
wow ...I went to Dublin on sunday to see this show and do some light shopping with two of my girls ,we had a great day !
needlepoint from c.1960

do you remember me ?

I am in a reflective mood for sure and today is full on reflection for me as I am quite connected to the moon a few images that I want to share .
I am looking forward to installing a new piece of work within the irish museum of country life ....
Do you remember last year , my outside piece , well this time I will be inside .
Timing is a little tight with all the preperations that my solo show demanded , but it is such a lovely project that I could not let it pass me by.
My piece will be situated in two museum display cases and is called

you are as welcome as the flowers in may (all that connects us is our tears)

I will post images of it tommorow , Mayo Arts Squad (an artist led umbrella group) are addressing the poignancy of our ties to home,in a series of installations by individual artists and community groups.


Ester Kiely said...

'You're as welcome as the flowers of May' was one of my Dad's favourite sayings and whenever an unexpected visitor called to our home this was always his welcome. (quietly in the background one of us would be sent running to the shop to discreetly get in enough food to feed the visitors!). It always brings a smile to my face!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mamma :)I had a great time in Dublin too <3
I love your blog! Méabh xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

thats good that it gave you a happy memory ester !
hi meabh :)....I am glad that you did x