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Saturday, April 30, 2011

there is no going back tommorow is May and with it comes many new things to do.......

a bit of my market stall on saturday
can you believe this cheeky little amethyst miner leprauchaun ?
I spotted him last week on Achill Island

the precautionary primroses ready for distribution on the thresholds

I am feeling very excited now , it is only 5 days till my opening , I am totally uncool to be so excited , I guess I just cannot do nonchalence.
Today was a beautiful day at the market and I enjoyed it with lots of well wishers giving me well wishes for thursday :)
We are on May -Eve and in Ireland a lot of folklore gathered around the auspicious day that is The first of May.
For indepth research The Year in Ireland Irish Calender Traditions by Kevin Danaher is brilliant , with whole chapters just on May Day or Bealtaine which is the celtic festival to welcome in the summer.
May -eve \Day was seen to be a day of much fairy mischief making,an inbetween mutable time when anything could happen,such was the forces of nature around.
One of my favourite precautions taken was the liberal scattering of primroses outside on the ground of the threshold of the house (front and back)
No fairy would be able to cross over this threshold ...I will be doing this myself tommorow definately.

one or two of these dolls head planters will be one of my post exhibiton treats to myself.


Ester Kiely said...

Love that primrose tradition. I might just have to take inspiration from that for a series of work I am doing on the fairy hill of Knockma near my home. Wishing you all the best for your opening, and you just keep on being's a good thing!

Laura said...

primrose scattering! how lovely. so EXCITED for you jane:))))take lots of photos!

Jane O Sullivan said...

I will ester ! thanks for that thumbs up (my daughters are sick of my giddyness at the moment , to them I am SO embarressing !)
good luck with your project :0
hi Laura dear , bless you , I am hoping to get someone to take my video camera at the opening, I am totally smitten with so many of the traditions and am determined to re-introduce them.

Ritva said...

hello dear!
your opening, how did it go?
you will show us some photos, will you? please!

all the best and
have a great weekend,

Jane O Sullivan said...

I will post a film of show and photos as ritva and thank you for asking x

Julia da Franca said...

dear jane, i hope everything went well and you are happy as can be???? i am very exited. xx julia