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Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 minutes walk from my house .........

one minute later !below is the turf laid out to dry

.......although it is still bitterly cold I have to get out is an important part of my day and of course too for my dogs .
I also am delighted if my dear heart can come .
Yesterday we walked over to the bogland , a beautiful walk of about 45 minutes and such a treat .
It is constantly changing and this morning even the light was flickering in and out (quite normal for the west of Ireland)
I was thrilled to see carpets of bog cotton and I will be using them in an outside art installation next week titled house.
(more details to follow.)

thank you shayne for featuring my drawing :) (hee hee ! )
and here too.
shayne curates a lovely tumblr blog of works she personally likes ...her own work is beautiful , this piece being a favourite of mine .


Shelky Bean said...

Bog Cotton! Probably my most favorite thing in the world. Hopefully there will be some left when I go home next

Jane O Sullivan said...

nope ! I shall be using it all !!
Only joking .....of course it will be , I will pick some for you .

Laura said...

i never knew such a thing existed! beautiful. and walking is critical-i have to walk to keep sane:) looking forward to hearing more about the installation piece... have a lovely day, jane!

Shayna said...

The "turf laying out to dry", I've not seen anything like this before and I don't completely understand it ... it reminds me of huge strips of licorice ~!~. I will also look forward to seeing your bog cotton installation - how exciting, Jane. There are cottonwood tufts flying around where I live, too ... such a wonderful sight!

Jane O Sullivan said...

laura its true ,the bog cotton...... and walking =sanity
shayna ...the turf has been cut by local people who own that bog , it lies out like that to dry,then they foot it (turn it over and stand it up to mini tripods each piece is 10" long )
It is used in stoves and fireplaces here. Many bogs now are protected areas ,but a lot are still worked(but not intensively or commercially) as they have always been here.The flowers and butterflies are very special in this area ....I hope that it will be here for a long time.

denise nestor said...

jane you've made me homesick for mayo, but in a good way! :) I love bog cotton too! Looking forward to seeing your installation!

Shayna said...

How fascinating, Jane. Thank you for explaining - I hope it will be around for a long time, too.

Felgan Crossfeathers said...

Thank you Jane for your mention! :) Love you work! x Shayne

didiermaurice said...

just beautifull, Jane. It is always a pleasure visiting your blog, I must do that more frequently. The feel of these landscapes is present in your drawings.

Jane O Sullivan said...

shayne or ought I say felgan crossfeather :) ...thank YOU !
hello didier , what a lovely observation ....I am surrounded by such beauty and I am thrilled that some of it may be seen in my drawings
(somewhere\somehow)...thank you for your visit

Fine Little Day said...

Oh beutiful! How dramatic with the contrast of the dark sky and the soft white balls.

nath said...

it reminds me of a grass whose name i can't recall, it also has these soft tufted balls that look like hare's tails. wish i could remember the name...

anyway, i have been meaning to write to tell you that your parcel is on its way to you, not withstanding volcano ash of course! oh! i do so hope it reaches you speedily.

Jane O Sullivan said...