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Thursday, October 22, 2009 is SO beautiful today and I feel so happy

I dont know (and I dont think I want to know why) but sometimes I feel I could burst with energy !
I am greatful for all the gifts this week has given me,so so many little tremours of manifestation...all down I feel, to the beautiful new moon of sunday last.
I had THE most fun day the tiny local library giving an illustrated reading of alice in wonderland ! it was for book week and the audience were 6 and 7yr olds they loved all the little props,my 100 year old alice books ,deers,miniture trees etc etc...... and drawings that I brought in and I really think they liked it when I screeched OFF WITH THEIR HEADS !!, I liked that bit too.
I enjoyed cycling this morning and walking my two very silly dogs.
I hope that you are all having some fun in this lovely betwixt time of autumn/ feels so magicky ,huh ?


nath said...

ha ah! brilliant. that sounds like a super-fun thing to do. i love the last photograph on your bike, it has a nice speedy feel to it. yes! hooray for Autumn!

p.s. although i do so wish we didn't have to mess with the time - clocks go back this weekend and i am dreading it as per usual.

Jane O Sullivan said...

It was and inspiring to me.
That photo you like......I took that whilst I was actually cycling .(mad one that I am !)
....welcome the dark nath...more inside-time to read your lovely books :)

Laura said...

very magicky!