Tuesday, October 27, 2009

catching a few butterflies in my mind

they've GONE , there is no use in enquiring after this little box of castenets !.....bought on saturday from my stall for a beloved dance teacher from a pupil.
lovely 1968 illustration on a book I got on saturday for nothing ...isnt she beautiful.......
2.when a flower is given,the pronoun I is implied by inclining it to the left,and the word thou by inclining it to the right.
The Language and Poetry of Flowers
what more can I say.......love this image
it was extremely windy and wet at the market today ....but you HAVE to make an effort dears :)


Laura said...

i LOVE the private life of the rabbit. perfect!

denise said...

The 1968 book cover is beautifully illustrated and the title of the rabbit book is fantastic.