Sunday, April 12, 2009

um..........happy easter everyone

ceramic flower tree
ink,vintage wallpaper,watercolour and pencil on gessoed board

lapins from the amazing Parisian taxidermist Deyrolle

I had a fabulous day ,tidying and gardening and eating and cycling and walking but not drawing and that makes me a small bit sad. These lapins I adore them , I was in the shop Deyrolle in Paris,a couple of years ago, and it is amazing ,sadly they had a fire this year and if I had half a brain you could read all about it with a super slick link...but I cannot do anything taxing (I DID not say taxidermisting !) until after june when I will have completed my degree ,until then its like I am in intensive care (yes it is that touch and go),
TOMMOROW I WILL DRAW LOADS OF AMAZING THINGS,,,,yes I will , really, easter holidays are a busy time ,not conducive to solitary drawing but very good for wearing bright blue and yellow (which I was) and a dear elderly neighbour said she,d take a photo of me if she had a camera ! and the palpable general bonhomie atmostphere of "can do" in our village today.
The drawing I posted was in Catalyst Arts exhibition last year and I kind of miss it. Fingers crossed that they have found it by my next post .
Oh..and if you are reading this I just want to send out some love and a big high five to all my friends even the ones I havent yet met in person ! ,your support is so appreciated.(you all know who you are )Thanks for the comments ,they kind of keep me going when I feel all alone . (you does that to you,seems its all a part of the process ) xxx Jane ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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