Tuesday, April 14, 2009

studio love

When I finally got into my studio this afternoon, I had a lump of emotion in my throat. I love the feeling when I enter my place of work. Its true,it is a place apart from the outside world, from which I can safely scheme up plots to overthrow complacency,mundaneness and insignificance. It is here that all great things start...... Yes ,it is here that I can be me......
below are some random images that I photographed today, in my imediate surroundings , they make my work, its all work, it all flows the same way ...It was a real April day , drip,drip,drop little april showers ......The sun shone shone valiantly on , through the showers ,through it all, it was there..x


nath said...

I love that song.

Your studio is lovely, stuffed full of beautiful objets. I'm madly craving a studio right now, it's so tiresome having to pack away every night (or thereabouts)..

Jane O Sullivan said...

let your studio be in your trunk (a nice one )for the moment , when you need more space ,it will become available (promise X)