Tuesday, April 14, 2009

she tripped lightly in the april sunshine gathering clues wherever she looked (sometimes it can be overwhelming ..you know ..being CREATIVE

the light was AMAZING today, every time I went to photograph some little fairy or bud all I could see was this amazing shape shifter ,I think I recognise her ,but I am not sure (if you do ,hurry, let me know )
then I heard a shreek of little girls saying OMG, OMG , A BIRDS NEST ! so I sprinted over and so enamoured with it was I ,that they kindly gave it to me, (probably out of embarresment) as I was a little more excited than they, its an old nest ,so no cruelty involved.
The last image is this amazing flower that I thought I.d lost ,its called frittilia , but I know that it is obviously from alice in wonderland or something.


Shelly said...

im going to leave my comment here, but it goes for your last few posts.
i absolutely love your space...it is so 'hunky' to quote a rather silly friend of mine who makes up her own words for things that cannot be described in our limiting vocabulary. it must be wonderful to have such a SPACE to retreat into, you truely are blessed. and i love the way you write jane, you have a way of describing things :)
your silouette photo is lovely...and that last flower should defo have a tag attached saying 'EAT ME'
lots of love

check out the cats!!!

nath said...

Ooh, it's a Snake's Head Fritillary, apparently they have a disagreeable scent like wet fur or feces, so if you see one with a label that says 'Smell Me', you'll know what to do... They're very beautiful.

I saw a lovely nest at a friend's house the other day and it was all I could do not to steal it from the darling 7 year old owner..