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Sunday, January 04, 2009

poppy love to you all (may your year be full of oppurtunities and joy )

I could NOT believe it when I saw these poppies actually shed their pods in front of my eyes in this,the summer just flown past, I love ,love .love nature SO MUCH ,magically real, really magic, call it what you like , ITS OUT THERE AND ITS FREE , for all of us to enjoy.
image film still from work in progress THE LADY WHO CARRIED HER HOUSE ON HER BACK 2008-2009


kyllimarjaana said...

Hello there ! First of all I must excuse my english , it's not wery good . I newer learned it in school , I learned it by liwin in Canada nearly 40 years ago . So pleace try to understand .

I fined something in your blog . same kind of thinking , same kind of doing as I do . I like it , and I'm going to follow your blog .

Eleanor said...

Thank you for your email and for your kind comments. Your blog is avery interesting. Keep in touch. Eleanor.

Ana said...

OMG HOW DID THOSE BLOSSOM SO WELL??? its december 4 cryin out loud! havent commented in awhile sry bout dat! ive ben VERY busy w/ my cell fone since i got it and havent ben on blogger in awhile!!! and r those ur poppies cuz theyre so pretty!! (guy in the picture is edward cullen (robert pattinson)dont worry thats not me) lol