Monday, January 19, 2009

what a month !

Everything seems so epic at the moment , you know , all the stuff going on out there in the REAL WORLD , apart from that...... (ie.getting overwhelmed).. it has been snowing , its v.v v. cold and I am finding it hard to locate my mojo.
I like pushing the enhance button ,see the two drawings (above post) I did , one is "as is" and one is ENHANCED ! , well seems we're all looking for a little bit of that right now , would you like me to improve your image ?, enhance your view?, tidy it up a bit ! I had a fab day in Dublin last week , saw two superb exhibitions in the Douglas Hyde Gallery, worth the trip up and I got crumpets in marks and spencers oh ,and I saw a heart on O'Connell street , magic lit up trees in Avoca (fancy pants shop), a cool bag and a scrummy dinner with voluminous piped potatoes on top , minty green mushy peas, actually it was my friend annes dinner! ,I had spent all my money on art catalogs but I had just enough for the lovely parsnip and parmesan soup OMG ! it was the man.

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