Tuesday, December 09, 2008

hello stars the earth says hello !

I am at this moment in the laborious and completely lunatic process of trying to get a tiny little film made in time for my christmas assesment at college TOMMOROW (omg) It will be a part of my work titled

whatever one loves ......is (an installations of drawing/paintings and objects)

, so the most logical thing to do seemed to be this , ie.escaping to my blog, I had a little blink and you,ll miss it show in the new art gallery within the local theatre. the art exhibition was a group show and was a part of a local poetry festival . It was a great oppurtunity to hang my current work the way I,d like it to be seen and was also a great and positive experience due to the lovely new local arts officer (yay to Ciaran ) and to the supportive fellow artists (high five y,all! xx )
So I am posting up a few images of my part of the group show .

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