Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thank You People

photo Jessica Maybury

This is yours truelly , I had a gift of a day,on Sunday , people were so engaged with my work , my world , all that I brought with me.
I feel truelly, truelly blessed. The day wouldnt have happpened if I didnt get my new book finished and that was a mirical in itself, I am lacking a lot of sleep still from it.
I got such a lovely suprise yesterday !

Jessica Maybury is a writer and zine maker (well a few other things aswell, she is hugely talented and clever,sweet , very whimsical like myself and just adorable)

I'll post up some more photos soon , when I am not so tired :)


Ritva said...

ooooo!!!! loved the poem and the photo and you and everything!
thank You!

waiting to see some more...:)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you Ritva , I will post them up soon, great to know that you are still visiting me here, your blog is looking great.

Jessica Maybury said...

awwww :) I love you Jane!!

Jane O Sullivan said...

and I love you x