Friday, April 19, 2013

SPECTACULARS !!! are here

 this weeks spectaculars

spectacularly good news story
well......there just comes a time when I can wait no longer and they have to be born.
I call them Spectaculars as thats what they are Spectacular !!
I had a lovely week in my studio sewing and making sure that I would have some truelly magical clothes to sell on my market stall tommorow.
Oh and we had some sun this week , that was special.
spectaculars 2010


Shelky Bean said...

The spectaculars look amazing Jane! I hope they all find lovely homes xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you Shelly !
..... well people did love them today ,despite the awful gale force wind (yet again) , when the wind settles , the spectaculars could be safely tried on without the unfortunate woman being gusted up into the wild western sky like a mary poppins figure.....never to be seen again :)
I will promise to let you know when that is x