Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gosh its April , like now , its here now , we are in april as we speak AND its the new moon today xxx......

detail in my studio
dont forget to doubleclick on the images to see the detail !

I have to say I am struggling to come out of what seems a very long hibernation. Yes its a little warmer (teeny tiny bit)
I was feeling sorry for my dear blog and wondering did I have anything new to share and to look at myself and I have(of course)
after a family trip over the pond I found myself rooting around east london and came back with these two adorable dolls dresses. I love the idea of a small business in england manufacturing these perfect little pieces. I wish I could find out more about faerie glen , but there is nothing , lots of ebay sellers list the dresses , but who was behind faerie glen (I'd love to know)
I may well be using the embroidered images in my new film,just got them and they are very old,probs c.1920.

heres a lovely new moon treat for you , loie fuller and her amazing danse serpentine c.1897.
doesnt she look like a butterfly , its amazing.


Ritva said...

today 33 years ago i gave birth to a son , my lovely yellow mellow :)
april,aprill, apirill....
beautiful embroidery, beautiful dance!
and i left a huge note for you in my blog ;)
hugs my friend

Jane O Sullivan said...

ahhh hello and thanks ritva, my lovely blogging friend.