Tuesday, December 11, 2012

midwinter feelings

still from the red shoes film

this is how I feel (a lot of the time)..................its quite interesting.
I am looking forward to looking at the red shoes film in detail again very soon.

Glad to blow my little silver trumpet and tell you that a recent book that I made with the musician and zine maker natalia beylis CAME FIRST !!
in the annual winter  art exhibition open season at the Dock Arts Centre , in Carrick - on - Shannon.I will upload some images as soon as I get some.
The show runs until february 4th 2013.


Ritva said...

well lady, that´s no surprise for me: you are the first, one and only!

Jane O Sullivan said...

ahhh....Ritva, thank you for that sweet comment , so happy to know that you hear me xxx