Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the days after the new moon ....

Konstantin Somov

sheilas new clothes from me 
thank you dear sheila who visits me every year from America like a precious beautiful bird,surprises me and  finds perfect pieces for herself that you 'd swear I had made just for her (maybe thats true)

I am struggling with a lot of new changes and finding my confidence very low and all at sea. The life of a creative person is such , it is like being in withdrawal when the work wont come , all I can do is to keep trying. In the interim here is some of my world , the positive bits anyway. 


Cendrine Rovini said...

Oh I just see this article now ! I love your world, what I can see about it... It is so strongly feminine !

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you cendrine , its good to know you are there.

Shelky Bean said...

Lovely gently post, Jane. The work will come, it always does. Keep Believing xxx

Jane O Sullivan said...

ahh shelky bean , how well you know , bless you for commenting , its appreciated greatly.x
always believe huh :)