Sunday, September 02, 2012

change is upon us.....

 me yesterday at my very quite market stall
 a few of my favourite "bits of silliness"I got in england.
 an interesting find in a charity shop , it is from 1981 the designer julie shearer and its complete , the colours are so beautiful
 my 1960 shell book of animals (all of them ALL TOGETHER)is fascinating me , I really really love it.
today was SO so so so so so so beautiful,and I could not stop looking at my marigolds and cockscombs together in the orange enamel jug.

well I am back , sort of .........
looking and finding my way , very slowly , there is so much going on here that its hard to focus.
I aim to remain serene and present and take it from there (ever hopeful hee hee )
oh this video is well worth watching.
Paul Buchanen of the Blue Nile , his first ever  solo record mid air.....
listen listen


annamaria said...

etweett 20Loved the Paul B. link.Thank you;)
I feel very often just like you here. Change is everywhere and I have to stay very still and focused, to get through it all in one piece...!Take carexxx

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello annamaria , I guess its a very normal feeling ,some of us seem to feel it more though hey ! you take care too and thank you for your comments , I appreciate them. Glad that you loved paul buchanens song , he is so special.