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Monday, January 09, 2012

work in progress



favourite new/old plate
minton 1890-1920

with the three darlings gone back to school today !!!
I am gearing up to make the most of my time in the morning to create a new body of work. 
I have to be patient as my work is so slow , what I do to make it ,its feels the right way ....but it is slow three hours to draw those flowers in the pool , only to decide to paint a wash of ink over them :( and then I am wondering WHY oh WHY  do I use the most faded , fragile ,falling apart paper to actually draw on .....but then I know its the piece that felt right and I also know that I will be doing a lot more work on these pieces, which seems to strengthen/resolve(disolve !!) them .



Julia da Franca said...

so we have to thank you that you took patiently so much time! i love the flowers surrounding the girl!
xx julia

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks dear julia .you are a sweetheart :)

Ritva said...

thank you dear ! your work and words, i do believe!

Unknown said...

How I like your work!. It's worth the time you put into it.
A big hug

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello ritva ...thats a sweet thing to say :)
tati , I am glad you do , it makes me so happy to draw.