Sunday, December 11, 2011

kinda busy at the mo !

vintage dolls faces  made into broaches

....I was given these lovely dolls faces by a retired art teacher nun years ago , they used to make them into cloth dolls at school.
A lot of people recognise the dolls faces from as far back as the 1940's .....I would love to know where they were made , they are pressed from buckram and have transfered features, I just embellish them and put them in a sort of space, with hair and bits and pieces !
I love them , I hope others will too :)
Just some of the things I have made for my market stall, are alchemy upcycled cardigans, handmade hats and jewellery made from assorted vintage pieces also my artists books will be available to buy.

****saturday the 17th and friday the 23rd of december ****

then a break till march.
I am looking forward to having time to draw many ideas to work on .

this looks like a lovely shop and this too looks like crazy good fun !

how beautiful is this drawing the silver bridge by nura in 1937 ?

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