Sunday, December 04, 2011

dublin art book fair and magazine archive

a light meditation on cameos
words and drawings
edition of five
there is a bird in her heart (some life drawings)
second edition

my eldest daughter was at a college open day in the big smoke and so kindly took these photos for me, my work was selling aparently....(yipee), I am most grateful for the oppurtunity of this new venture held over the weekend in temple bar gallery dublin.

** thank you lovely ayco for this sweet post


Eleanor McCaughey said...

Congrats Jane...looks good!

Erin said...

Are these your drawings? Lovely! I love the cards with a deer on them. You do not have an Etsy shop, Jane?

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks eleanor ,hope you are well :)

hi erin !, yep this is my work from a few artists books that I made which have just been on exhibition.
The deer drawing is within the book called a light meditation on cameos and I can post you one if you like.
It costs 20 euro, not sure about p&p to australia ? (email me if you wish)
thanks for your lovely comment !