Thursday, August 11, 2011

meditating on the oval shape and being home again

thanks shayne x

me and pat had a beautiful and very observant walk around the bog before I went away ........
soon soon soon !!
saturday 27th august
opposite the ranelagh luas stop

just like the hare I completed the circle and ended back where I started again.
The week in connemara was a week away and for that I am glad (images to follow)
I am exhibiting with richael ,that is her and her RING in the second image............and tinderbox at the upcoming artists book and zine fair in dublin ........that is why I am meditating on the oval shape as my book will be oval and I hope finished in time.


Laura said...

i love ovals. such a beautiful shape and a beautiful word. looking forward to seeing what you create.

Jane O Sullivan said...

nice to hear from you laura !