Wednesday, March 10, 2010

meditation for a calm heart
ink and oil pastel on paper

I am really enjoying lifedrawing classes ,there is no tuition , just a fantastic model ....I will miss it when it finishes soon .
It is really bright and sunny , very cold but light light light :)
These are my favourite vintage sheets , I love the pattern and colours
The cat puppets are from the museum of childhood in east london (I always spend ages in it ,and will go again when I visit england soon )
I got a pair of yellow shoes they are the bomb........


denise nestor said...

I'm intrigued by these yellow shoes jane! :)

Laura said...

the light is so important-all the time-but this time of the year especially. lovely drawing-so delicate.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks laura ..glad that you like the drawing
and yes the light is so appreciated when we have been so starved of it :)
denise ....they are a...coming :)