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Monday, March 01, 2010

you can never hold back spring,You can be sure I will never Stop believing ......The blushing rose will climb ...Spring ahead or fall behind ..

..Winter dreams the same dream every time
You can never hold back spring
You can never hold back spring
always believe(for melanie)
re-worked drawing
ink and marker on paper

well I have to say after sundays beautiful full moon ...I feel like I am in a new space entirely and that space is spring

by jan svankmajer is still something that makes me feel really awe inspired like snow when its a suprise ...I think that his version is very special.
I am also looking forward to mr .burtons this week but somehow you kinda know what its going to be like already ...brilliant of course....but is that all there is ? that all there is my friends ?

well , this is where mr tom waits comes in , this song has to be for now huh ?
you can never hold back spring mr tom waits .....
the song was used also to the intro of the film La Ligre E Neve where the sound is a bit better and the images beautiful .
The song is written as always in collaboration with kathleen brennan his wife.


I like paints said...

Hey there, they are beautiful photos.I am really enjoying the sun the past couple of days, it really feels like spring is here! woohoo!

annamaria potamiti said...

Hi Jane- that first photo is gorgeous! I have awarded you with the kreative blog award- take a look and tell us seven things about yourself and pass it on to seven others-(if you want Jane!)
Annamaria xx

Ritva said...

your post is so full of spring!
thank´s still winter here

Laura said...

my heart is pounding with excitement reading this post. every bit of it is SO welcome. the full moon was AMAZING! i could not believe how big it was:)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks eleanor ...yep the sun (like h.e.l.l.o.!!)
annamaria glad you liked it !
ritva you are welcome tho ireland is back to its grey wet melancholic state ...hope it doesnt last too long :)
laura ...I really enjoyed making this post too ...I am so glad that it made your heart pound ! goody goody :)

Shayna said...

What a welcome post this is ... nothing quite as lovely as Spring green peeking through. All of your images are a treat - and I enjoyed listening to Tom Waits beautiful sentimental song. Happy Spring to you, Jane! ~Shayna

Jane O Sullivan said...

happy spring to you too shayna