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Sunday, August 23, 2009

unicorn rings,sea potatoes,lost paintings,grafitti and the iminent arrival of a 1970;s lemon squeezer

.......oh you know , ho hum, summers drawing to a close ,life seems between two worlds at the moment , one still here and the next ,not yet started.
It feels precious , a week left until an inforced school regime makes one less "free", but still and all the light is so magical ,look at it outlining the clouds.....just this very moment.
I am looking forward to giving my studio one almighty sort out and make some space in it for serious drawing activity.
I cant BELIEVE that I painted over this image (a self portrait).
Retrieving\resurecting it feels like my starting point into some new work , when I am able.(Lucky that I had photographed it.)
I remember a painting tutor saying not to be afraid of loosing images, that sometimes you have to loose them to find the work again.
I am SO excited about getting my unicorn rings. One is for a friend (shush....she doesnt know about it)......unicorns , hmmmmmmm dont cha just love "em !
The sea potatoes are from da hols, I always feel they are the is very hard to find them whole ,as they are so delicate and when I do , well , it feels very lucky .This time a friend and my eldest daughter gave me ones they'd found and I felt like the cat that got the cream .
Oh , the lemon squeezer ....well there is this super cool site click on the above post title unicorn rings get to wintersmoon.
I imagine it is from the 1970;s ,I adore the drawing on it , talk about arbritary.
Yeah....trees, swirly horses, on horse,hare,quail,fox,flowers..........I LIKE.
I hope that all my millions of readers (well ,maybe my few lovelies)........ enjoy good luck with all your late summer\early autumn well I'll be fine.............just as soon as the lemon squeezer and the unicorn ring arrive.


Unknown said...

Hello little satellite, thankyou so much just had a little browse through your blog page. Its like sitting in your caravan drinking coffee looking out at the sea, just wonderful.
yum yum xxx

Jane O Sullivan said...

so good you could call by xx

TobeyAnne said...

Hello Jane. I came across a photo of a circus painting called "In the ring" and was wondering who the artist is. I love old circus paintings and posters and that one is wonderful and I have not seen it before. You can find me on facebook, just look for TobeyAnne, or my email is

TobeyAnne said...

I came across the photo in your blog when I was looking for circus photos. BTW! Thanks, TobeyAnne