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Monday, August 24, 2009

all is so well.........

drawing that was in the syntheastwood show homemade
ink and acrylic on found envelope
me this morning on a love cycle
the ring, the ring,THE RING
the once beloved rose jug
the light encircled cottage that we discovered this morning
...OMG ! arrived, the ring(s), just when I returned from a glorious cycle which had led us down a path we had never gone down.....and there at the end was the sweetest old cottage , with large flagstones in front on the ground ,the sun encircling it and yet..........the life all gone.
It must have lain asleep for nearly 100 years,inside was the frail remains of a rose decorated jug.
Swallows are EVERYWHERE as we speak, they followed us swooping around as we cycled, creating big loops of magic.
Victoria Elisabeth, the maker of said unicorn rings enclosed two little random fortunes she had made for me aswell ! ....(thanks victoria x)
Pick a day this week to be
a day for mistakes,and go
have fun.

Sit outside and watch the
stars:they're just waiting
to be wished on.

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Laura said...

oh jane! this is so lovely and magical. thank you so much for sharing it has made my day. beautiful drawing, ring and cottage.

Jane O Sullivan said...

glad you called by :)