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Monday, July 28, 2008

its all happening in the kitchen ! mantua arts space badge art show opening july 19th

tabnab tree drawing with collaged element
pen on paper july 2008

I was pleased to be a part of the badge art show because it just felt so real and funny and I had no idea of what to expect, only I just knew it was for me. I can,t post the images of my art work yet coz they are so small, but I will when I get them back and I,ll scan them ,they are carbon drawings.I was inspired by tiny scenes out of a vintage childs storybook about the circus.....BUT LITTLE DID I KNOW THE REAL REASON I FOUND MYSELF IN MANTUA with a little trepidation, I found the mantua artspace ,in an old garda barracks down the Elphin road in very rural Roscommon. It is another world entirely and run by the sweetest people. After a warm welcome from Carolann (hi!x) I saw the show, which was curated by Nathalia from stitchypress (see their myspace page ) There was a giant washing line installedin the gallery space ,with the badges pinned to pants and socks . It looked well. Anyways ,I badly needed tea so Nathalia ensured we ie. me and Richeal (aka shelkybean,fellow contributor to the show ) got some. Thanks lovely Nathalia.
It was then that I found these wonderful cute tablemats ,super inspiring .They will no doubt make there presence felt in time... I will post a link to the Badge Art Show show when they have documented it.

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