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I am an artist living and working in the West of Ireland. I make drawings,clothes,ZINES and artists books,short films and beloved objects. I have a stall at the Saturday Galway Market (from early february approx through till the last saturday before christmas) ...... if you would like to contact me further please email queenjaneosullivan (at)gmail(dot)com Thanks for visiting !

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

making meaningful connections

 my journal is my best friend.
 I love this mans stall at our monthly carboot sale. He had loads of 17th,18th and 19th century lids , he has less now that I found them.
making shadow trees(from humble bits of dried plant findings) to draw from yesterday in the precarious autumn light in my beautiful studio.
beata beatrix
still one of the most affecting paintings for me, even in this black and white book reproduction.The painting is by Gabriel Rossetti it is a memory tribute painting of his recently deceased wife elisabeth siddal (the famous ophelia model and artist and muse)
I love that he painted her transfiguration of spirit,because as you know , I like things like that.
dear margot fonteyn and her legend swan headdress, reminds me of when I made ballet headresses many years ago.

all is going well for me , I am preparing for a proposal for a show , it has taken me the best part of this year , the deeper I wish to go with my work the longer the search yet the lighter I wish it all to look and feel.
 I often think of the people that I have communicated with over the years here , it feels like I am writing just for the air , but yet I know someone is out there,even if its only me.


Cendrine said...

Jane, I send you many warm feelings for your proposal for the show, I would like so much to see your work for this exhibition...
You are never writing or showing things just for the air, or if so, you speak deeply and beautifully to the elementals creatures of this realm, and I am sure they like this, as I do and does many people ! xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

Dear Cendrine , thank you , I know you do.
What you wrote is so beautiful , so so you. x
I will write to you soon, it is my deep wish , I have your address ready in my studio, its been a hard year , but a good one too.

Ritva said...

we are out here my dear!
love your shadow tree!
and all your precious work!

i try to find a proposal for the summer exhibition here too and i should be working hard for x:mas bazaar again- nothing done yet!
everything is just in the air...
but i hope i can find the way soon enough.
all the best for you my dear friend!

Ritva said...

i wonder,
do you have any of your artist books left?
a deeper exploration of fragility love and loss?
i would love to buy one!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello dearest Ritva ! lovely to hear from you , you WILL find your way soon , your work is aleady made in your heart , you just need to have the right time to let it out , a nice cup of tea and then just do it (I will be doing the same with you , in Ireland).
I have just two copies of the book left ! I would be delighted to sell you one ! I will email you details thanks x

Ritva said...

dear, i have some problems with my e-mail, the one you might have used.
please, use the other one palander.ritva(at)gmail(dot)com

i´m so happppy to have the opportunity to buy your art book!!!

Jane O Sullivan said...

and I am very very happy too , my book is going to a very special lady x