Wednesday, March 06, 2013

all a bit sea green in colour..........vunerability part one

SO glad I was told about this inspiring ted talk by dr.brené brown on vunerability
why do we struggle so much with it , how to embrace it as the birthplace of creativity.
Do take a listen if you read this.
If you enjoyed it , two years later her research led to this second talk on vunerability
The courage to be imperfect,to be as she says wholehearted , the word courage comes from the latin for heart coeur.
I am struggling at this time to bring something out into the open , new work that is true and brave and it is so hard, but to not do this will be, for me, the harder option.
I am grateful everyday for the riches in my life.
With all my heart I will say the following to myself every time I feel doubt..............I am enough.
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Ritva said...

yes you are!
and unique and true!

i will come back and listen those talks when i have time to do it-
hugs my friend!

Jane O Sullivan said...

ritva **