Thursday, February 07, 2013

today on a very cold day (again) finding my way (again) and so glad of my sanctuary/my studio

just a few pics of my studio today , I feel the need to share my work , my progress a little more which is good , as its a lonely space I feel I have been in ,to get to where I am now.
Just heard this stunning version of the wonderful dolly partons song jolene,its pretty damm perfect/sad/beautiful , listen :)

jolene by susannah and the magical orchrestra

thanks kimi of hand drawing collective :)

****new drawing on flickr the space between****


Laureen said...

I heard the same song, as I listened to The Blue of the Night, over the Internet here in Canada. It was a gorgeous version. Thanks for finding it and posting. Lovely images, too!

Jane O Sullivan said...

)MG Laureen , that is so cool , that we could have both been listening at the same time :)
thanks for your comment,glad you like the images and your lovely lovely email , I will reply soon .