Wednesday, January 16, 2013


in my studio
this is the hope bird drawing mentioned in the post below.
I have been visiting and generally gadding about since early new year. I am now safely back in my nest here and ready to make a start with new work. I have lots of new ideas, materials and treasures, my heart has touched all my nearest and dearest who live far away and now its time for me.
I have been invited to show some new work at the first artists book exhibition and fair to be held in Ormston House in Limerick , an interesting artists run venue. Its in February , so I have a lot of making ahead.I am also gathering work together into a body of work strong enough to submit to a gallery for my second solo show.......sometime/someplace/somewhere.


ayco said...

you have the exhibition next month?! Good luck!!
It is very nice to make works with new idea and new materials.
lately I use only oil painting. I think looking for new materials are so fan! I want to try :D

Jane O Sullivan said...

Hello Ayco, yes , the show is artists who make artist books , so I am sending some that I have made already , and I am also making some new ones......well , I am trying to :)
I have some ideas in my head , lets see what happens as the work makes itself doesnt it ? I LOVE the solo bird flying in your invitation , the painting is very poignant and powerful, thanks for calling here , it lovely to hear from you x

Ritva said...

hi dear,
so much ahead!
all the luck and a lot of energy!

we had a very beautiful, bright day today and i went to the woods, took some of my green birds with me and left them there.
yes, i took some photos.
we have two big exhibitions next summer here in our village. i (maybe) try to make something, let´s see if it turns out to be suitable for those. anyway, it´s great to work!
let´s enjoy!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you dear Ritva, so lovely to hear from you !
Good luck to you too, the full moon this sunday will be interesting. I have gone mad throwing things away and clearing SPACE , it feel fantastic. Tell me more about your green birds please......
You are right it , is great to work and a privledge , we are blessed. xxx