Wednesday, June 13, 2012

alls well ......I see SO much love and so much amazingness at times in this world of ours it makes me sleepy with excitement !

* detail of will not violets spring from her heart ...... this was in my solo show last year , I only photographed it recently its still with me if you would like to have it with you please get in touch and send me lots of pennies !

*  lovely japanese girl bought one of my alchemy cardigans , she was so happy !

* cream alchemy cardigan gone to michigan u.s.a.

* happy livingstone daisies in my sky

* my studio (see photo on the left ) well thats one of the upcoming collaborative drawings I did with the dear cendrine rovini and we will be revealing the whole series SOON !!!

oh how I love katys photograph dove girl also julia selins drawings also tim walkers photography


lucyslounge said...

hi jane it was a light meditation on cameos

Jane O Sullivan said...

ok lucy , I will email you soon soon . thank you !