Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fragile.............me, my work, my life = the world I guess:)

ink on tissue
this drawing is in my little book the innerworld outside of which there are only 10 of the 50 left

the blue house
housepaint on paper
I did this in college and my fave teacher liked it......then so did I !

um well this is a pheaseant embroidery obviously (love it and its blue like the painting above)

this is a detail from my show which is on at the moment in the boyle arts festival.
The trunk was my husbands aunts , in which all her belongings were carried when she travelled to america in the 1940.s
oh I am a silly , just realized that I have to check and allow comments now since I had to do that moderation thing due to lots of long lost chinese friends , if only they wrote to me in english.
There I was feeling a little sad , my dear parents just left for their flight home after a lovely event filled visit .
My mother staking up my delicate poppies to a twig , tying them all on by hand with green sewing thread.....sigh .
I am showing off some older work that has remained unseen till now and I will put it all on flickr .
I hope you are all well out there in my outerworld inside x

I have updated my hand drawing page and you can go to it directly here :D


Laura said...

THE BLUE HOUSE! my goodness.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks laura , its so differnt than what my work is now , I would like to re-visit that braveness of scale \economy of figure :D

Fine Little Day said...

Oh that ink on tissue Jane - so lovely!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you dear elisabeth (I know you have a fondness for ink on tissue )