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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hearts have a way of calling when they've been true....

tell the wish of thy heart in flowers
work in progress (at it whilst we speak ...)
spotted this gorgeous book cover in a little lithuanian owned shop in a nearby town...... where we go swimming
pages of a beloved book bought for me by a dear artist friend.
our country is free
joe miller 1870
(american folk art william c.ketchum 1995)

hearts have a way of calling when they've been true......
...those are the last words in a kate and anna mc garrigle song called Go Leave and I am sure some of you loved her singing very much too ...Heart like a wheel etc. their singing has that purity that iris de ment has aswell ...its like they would just be doing it anyhow, its in them and thats what I like......... they always sound true.
well its only love and
its only love and its only love
and its only love
that can wreck a human being and turn him inside out
that can wreck a human being and turn him inside out
lyrics from heart like a wheel
I was very sad to hear that kate had died in january and would have loved to be at her last performance which was at the royal albert hall in london. Listen to her and her sister singing it would lift you in your bleakest hour .
I am posting up my newest work in progress aswell
tell the wish of thy heart in flowers
made whilst listening to iris and kate and anna (lucky me !)


Ester Kiely said...

I'd never heard of these singers, but had a listen. I see what you mean about true voices. Very nice, thanks!

Shelky Bean said...

Wow jane, love the new work and really looking forward to listening to the singers you suggested, im sure ill love them too!

Laura said...

such an evocative sentiment, jane. right now we are in another blizzard so telling my hearts wishes in flowers sounds really sublime.

denise nestor said...

I love your new work jane! gorgeous piece.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks ladies :)
laura ...I am thinking of you in the blizzard...its been on the news here.

annamaria potamiti said...

Love this new work in progress- and yes, I heard about the singer, it was all over CBC Canada two , which I listen to all morning at the studio. But I hadn't heard of them before that. I will take a listen again.
Have a lovely day,
annamaria xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks annamaria so glad you like the work in progress ...hope to get more done today
I was thinking of you , being in canada re.kate mc garrigle ...she was only just getting te-established and was revered by a lot of younger musicians her children rufus and martha wainwright are both singers and she herself something of a cult figure ...she never looked for fame and consequently it didnt find her ..but (like so many who believe in what they do) she kept going . Look at this last video of her singing her new song properina at he royal albert hall x

Cendrine said...

Your new work is wonderful ! And also this beautiful woman is very moving... :)
I didn't know to Kate, thank you for allow me to discover her...

red-handed said...

This art makes me think of the Indian Bible.

Jane O Sullivan said...

wow ..well if that is so I am glad that you called by dj
as I adore indian minatures.
..might I say you are most welcome (anyone who puts their stories in hand painted tins is)..nice work :)

Damien said...

Are the white flowers part of that bookcover or did you paint them on? They look quite like papercuts. I like