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Thursday, July 09, 2009

making up da packets of melancholia

...since before my grad show I have been sneeking these little packets into existence.
I am thrilled that my work got chosen , it certainly doesn,t feel like work,it has been a joy from start to finish.
I love the whole ethos behind monstertruck gallery , if you click on the packet in the right hand bar ,it takes you straight there ..really !
The show is housed in an antique cabinet and compises of 10 artists interpretation of the multiple,the work will be available to buy from next thursday the 16th july , when the show opens until the end of august.
All the work has been made as a fine art piece ,but in an affordable form ie. a multiple.
This is my statement:
I am interested in investigating the unknown quantities of feeling and emotive spaces. …melancholia to me means sad, forgotten, brooding and dark with nearly always a feeling from the past. Also quite often poignant and beautiful….like a barely heard piece of piano lonesomely being played in the flat above yours.
For my multiple I have compiled a collection of found objects that appeal to my continual search for meaning.
Unused vintage greetings cards, torn out pages from old books, pieces of my own work that don’t seem to fit in anywhere but have something worth keeping in them.
I wanted a jamboree bag feel to the packet, when the contents are viewed together they become more than the sum of their parts.
The attention given to otherwise insignificant moments, can award a magical, special and wondering meaning to that which may be lost forever, it is towards this space that my work is focused.
The love bit is very important ,…..always love ,because as Sappho said whatever one loves…is .

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nath said...

sounds magical. obviously i want one.