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Monday, March 30, 2009

its all there hiding away........ waiting ...waiting to be found

I had a lovely morning even though it was extremely cold and misty trawling through the monthly carboot sale (what joy),my favourite occupation.
I found lots of little satellites of magic and in particular I like the colours of the following images , there seems to be a gentle balance of colours that are like spring flowers in tone. Reading the text in the girls annual is so uplifting , full of a can do attitude , I mean listen to this ! ....
'standing on the wing of her aircraft ,clutching a strut, Phyl Weir would wonder why she ever took up parachuting ...." but you see SHE DID ,she did try it ,didn.t she?
This tiny book is full of cute girls like spring blossoms...These gals are working the Spring look for 1831. Pink and yellow always does it for me ♡♡
fashions and fashion plates 1800-1900 by James Lavery 1943
cover illustration Marion Mahler
Next up is from a wonderful feature on ...circus girl " Never a dull moment under the Big Top for a circus girl " and it was illustrated by Edward Mortelmans c.1940 ?no date from Girls Annual no.6 (Hulton Press Ltd London)......... it is SO romantically written ,so.ahhhh..........
"..the band started playing as it prepared to march off for a parade through the town....Greta ,the pretty young wife of the musical clown,played a solo from outside her own caravan on the silver trumpet she used nightly in the ring ...."
I LIKE IT ! ❋❋❋❋❋❋❋❋❋


nath said...

I love Circus Girl. Have you been to Giffords Circus? I think perhaps you'd like it.

Jane O Sullivan said...

nath ,thats so funny , I would have absolutely loved to ! I remember seeing an article about them in I think Vogue , But I am here in Ireland now and they have not been here, oh well.... BUT I will get to see them one day , have you read Josser by Nell Stroud? ..what a book

nath said...

See? I knew it!

They have two years between tours so the next one will be in 2010 (I think). It's always in the Wiltshire area as well. Have a look at their website.

Nell is incredible, she's the brains and vision before Giffords. When we went last summer, she had found the band on a street corner in Paris. So romantic.

I will check out the book - thanks for the recommendation!

Fine Little Day said...

Fashions and fashion plates, looks like a cool book!

onĂ­rica said...