Monday, November 10, 2008

what!......... you have more to tell us ?

well , its rare to get such a run at our computer ,so..... when I have it , i may as well catch up ,image wise any how . When I was in England last week , I happened upon some treasures in my beloved Portobello market , (funny that )
These greetings cards are from the 1940,s and the man had heaps of them all from a discovery in an old warehouse OMG ! I cannot imagine how I would have coped with the wonder of all that original printed stuff !!
I love how they look a little creepy (a little\ie. a lot ) but unintentionally the colours are fab , so specific and you can see the printing on thepaper as if they have been painted . So many artists use animal identities in their work (I am specially thinking of atushi kaga and his bunny character,loads more )


Ana said...

Cool... but one question how old are you? and why are you reading greeting cards with bunnies on them? Don't worry I'm not a stalker or anything just a 13 year old in america! But you also said omg! so i'm guessing you're awesome!
Keep up the bunny blogs!

Ana said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!
i didn't know you were an artist! thats why the bunnies ispired you! cool!

Barbara Frankie said...

the second one down is my fave! glad you had fun in london