Thursday, September 18, 2008

"stories are about something becoming not being " John Berger

all that I am I owe to you

I will keep on going until the wheels fall of the cart

she lived an alternative life

all above drawings
watercolour pencil and marker on paper
I actually heard the great man say that in person at his super inspiring talk down in Cork a few years ago . When things art wise get a little intense and overwhelming, John Bergers approach to his art always steadies me (because he makes no distinction between making art and making stories and making life it is all a story in the making.)
Berger is a great man for process over prowess.For me, making work is a continually unsettling activity , exciting ,yes, life giving ,yes, but ... also extremely frustrating because you cannot see it, so to think that it is in a state of becoming gladdens me.
When I take a look back at some of my previous work , some of it feels very close to me still, I can see a connection to where I am now.
As an artist I am still becoming and can never escape this, or would want to.
Introducing some old friends , a few drawings that I made in the year I took out of my fine art degree (2006). There is something in them that I want to hold on to .

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